• CIO Services

    Optimizing Business Technology in your organization from hiring, interim, or part-time CIO.

    Today’s economy forces every company to have a level of management expertise and experience in Business Technology that is not easy to find. However you refer to this position, it is essential to build your business and optimize company performance.

    Whether you need an interim CIO, or an advisor to your current CIO we will work with you bringing whatever part of our team is necessary to meet your objectives.


    VIE CIO Services
    • Interim CIO
    • Part-time CIO expertise for smaller companies
    • CIO leadership development and hiring
    • Optimizing business and IT asset management
    • Project management process and oversight
    Our CIO Services can help you
    1. Get an objective view of the status, problems and opportunities in the business
    2. Improve productivity; aligning the architecture, enterprise systems, applications and processes in place in your business with the strategy, goals and outcomes you are seeking
    3. Improve efficiency; projects completed on-time, on-budget, delivering projected results
    4. Improve employee performance/innovation; with data flow, applications and processes that remove unnecessary steps, integrate communications and reveal opportunities in product performance, design and application
    5. Improve customer service, loyalty and retention through communication, product improvement, responsive performance as well as joint value development with customers
    6. Enhance executive and team leadership abilities, communication skills, performance management techniques and human performance results

    Does Your Business Technology Work?

    What level of value is Business Technology providing your organization? Essentially, there are three roles for IT ranked by increasing significance and value; a Functional Department, a Business Transformation Partner, a Business Strategist.Call us today (503.828.1248) to talk about how we can bring added value to your business now.

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