Strategic Technology Planning

Gain clarity to position your business for success

Do you understand the technology implications of your long-term business plans?

How should your internal and customer-facing systems change to enable these plans? Do you have a 3-to-5-year IT strategic plan that supports your business plan? Does your senior leadership team have the vision and savvy to foresee technology-driven disruptions to your industry, markets, or customers? How is your organization positioned to benefit from these disruptions?

  • Align technology strategy to your emerging business goals
  • Utilize strategic thinking to realize your vision
  • Uncover new revenue opportunities through technology-enabled products and services

We work with your business leaders to analyze current, emerging, and potential product and service value streams, identifying business scenarios and their technology implications. We look at your current technology architecture, including business applications, IT infrastructure, data, and integration. We look at your resources, partners, and available skills. From there we identify a target architecture and articulate a path forward over a multi-year horizon.

Through a short, inexpensive engagement we uncover where you should focus your efforts, find the “low hanging fruit” and unlock the value of your technology.

Based on your business imperatives, we identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your current IT posture and map out a 1- to 5-year plan to transform IT to address these gaps. The Strategic Plan considers current state, IT skills, organization, sourcing, projects, and budget requirements.

Caleb Lorg

"I am very pleased with the technology strategy that [VIE] developed and we’re starting to execute that strategy. We think it will be a core part of our ability to succeed on our growth initiatives."

Chief Financial Officer
Revant Optics

Sam DeSue

"The VIE consultants are all senior level experienced executives. Their knowledge, skills, and expertise were just what we needed to create a comprehensive strategic IT plan. They were direct and honest with their observations and input and did a great job explaining the plan to our executive team."

Chief Operating Officer


Milwaukee Electronics Corporation

“VIE brought a new level of experience, professionalism, and coaching to the table and enlightened our management team.”

 - Rick McClain, President and COO

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Revant Optics

“I am very pleased with the technology strategy that Marc developed and we're starting to execute that strategy. We think it will be a core part of our ability to succeed on our growth initiatives.”

- Caleb Lorg, CFO

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