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Healthcare organizations need to continually find ways to be effective and efficient in providing patient care in a world of rapidly changing regulation, insurance reimbursement requirements, and industry consolidation. They need to remain available and ready to serve patients during the worst crisis situations. They must use the right technology to manage patient care, manage a diverse workforce of caregivers, and manage a complex supply chain. VIE provides leadership and insights to deliver value in all these areas by helping clients to strategically deploy the right people, processes, and technology tools.


Care Oregon

"VIE's assessment confirmed that our new internally developed application product met the needed technical security requirements. This gave us great confidence in moving forward with the introduction of our product, knowing that security risks had been mitigated. VIE was very responsive to our questions and overall needs."

- Katherine Ellis, Audit and Compliance Officer

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Providence St. Patrick Hospital

VIE Assessment puts St Patrick Hospital on the path to IT transformation!  Providence Saint Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center engaged VIE to perform an Information Technology assessment and then provide assistance in developing a set of goals to help solve critical issues. VIE recommendations created the foundation for IT success at St Patrick Hospital.

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