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    Business software implementations are notoriously prone to failures, particularly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Many studies over the years indicate that 20-30% of such projects fail outright, while up to 70% fail to deliver the promised value within the time expected. While nobody sets out to fail, perhaps you may recognize some of these warning […]

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    It has almost become cliché to say that success in business is directly related to people skills. In particular, I’m referring to people skills related to building and managing strong relationships with the right people. Most of us know this intuitively and want to improve the quality and quantity of our network, but attitudes and […]

    As more companies look to outside vendors for providing technology support, they are entering into contracts with Managed Service Providers (MSPs). There are some essential elements of an MSP contract that you should look for before signing anything. These are typically addressed in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) portion of the contract, but can be […]

    Integrating two companies is a project with many complexities that must be done right the first time. It is easily one of an organization’s top stressors and disruptors. Three key pre-merger actions you need to take:  Put due diligence on steroids  Assign a Program Manager  Integrate Communication Action 1:  Put Due Diligence on Steroids Due diligence […]

    WannaCry – Petya – Ransomware – Phishing – DDOS. Unfortunately, these terms have entered the lexicon of the modern board room. Experts predict global annual cybercrime costs will grow from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion by 2021. IT risk management and cybersecurity has gone from an underfunded IT backwater ten years ago to […]


    A lot of professional business people tell me that that they would like to get out and network more, but they never seem to find the time. When I hear that I thank the universe that I learned my lessons about networking early in my career. Why is professional networking important? We all know that […]

    Making the decision to replace an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a major undertaking for any organization. The first step is to determine the desired features, budget, and timeline for the project. Next, you will need to engage a vendor to assist with the project. There are key actions to consider when developing a request […]

    The formula for running and growing any business is fairly simple. There are 3 variables that you need to define to get the right answer for your business and the business technology portfolio. Goals: What do I want to accomplish over time? Strategies: What path am I going to take to get to my goals? […]

    As management consultants, we hear how a lot of organizations feel about their information systems. Familiar complaints about the IT department include: “The department of NO” “Where good ideas go to die” “A black hole” Not surprisingly, these comments arise when the IT organization is dysfunctional and systems are unstable. However, some of the same […]

    A True CIO and vCIO are fundamentally different. Increasingly, mid-size businesses are outsourcing their IT support functions such as help desk, server and network management to an IT Managed Service Provider (IT MSP). Within their various service offerings, many of these companies also provide a function called vCIO, or virtual Chief Information Officer. They are […]

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    Business executives intuitively understand the importance of governance for organizational assets such as human capital, financial assets and physical assets. Still, many don’t necessarily appreciate the need to govern information and IT assets. Given the intangibility of information, and the resources invested in IT by the average business, it makes perfect sense to govern IT […]

    VIE IT Director Skills

    Many of our mid-sized clients struggle with realizing true value from their IT investments, including their investment in the IT Director role. For a good description of the value to expect from IT, please browse our April, 2015 article Is IT Providing Value In Your Business. Part of the reason for this troubling situation is […]


    What level of value is Information Technology (IT) providing your business? Mid-sized businesses typically have annual revenues between $10 million and $200 million. Often, leaders of these type of businesses believe that Information Technology is a back office function and an expense to be minimized. They believe that IT is absolutely necessary like power, facilities […]

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    As a business executive, if you feel you’re not receiving value from your company’s investments in IT, you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll lay out practical actions business leaders can take to help ensure their investments in IT systems consistently deliver more value. IT Project Success Evades Many It’s a staggering statistic – more […]


    A true IT strategic plan should integrate technology into the fabric of the organization’s strategic plan, maximizing the value of investments in hardware, software, support, and training.  Comprised of technology vision, goals, objectives, and action items, an IT strategic plan creates a central mechanism for tracking an organization’s progress relative to the business strategic plan. […]

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    The Value of a VIE IT Snapshot℠ How effective is IT in your company?  The VIE IT Snapshot℠ answers this key question for enterprises of all types. Understanding IT Value It is very difficult for in-house staff to have a clear, objective picture of exactly how effective your IT is. From strategy and business outcomes […]

    Do you view IT as a burden rather than an asset, an expense rather than an investment, a curse rather than a blessing and not something that actually makes you money?

    Do you think of information technology as the tool to optimize the decision-making and execution that produces higher levels of productivity, innovation, customer loyalty, employee motivation and profit in your business? Strategic IT is just that.

    This post is on a topic of how a management consultant can provide maximum value by becoming a trusted advisor. I have always felt that there is a continuum that exists for management consulting services with a defined product on one end and a highly trusted advisor on the other.