Technology Assessments

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The assessments you need to understand pain points and gaps and transform your IT operations into a strategic value-added part of the organization

Does IT in your business feel like an asset, or a burden? Are projects completed on-time, on-budget and do they meet your expectations? Do you speak the same language? Is the Business Technology you have in place optimizing the performance of your employees, your business, and providing a strong return on your investment? Would you like to know?

  • Gain clarity on your current situation, blind spots and gaps
  • Get credible, actionable advice for improvement
  • Perform due diligence during business transitions to understand technology challenges and strategies
  • Better understand Cyber and Business technology risks

The VIE IT SnapShot℠ provides your senior management with expert, objective opinions into the performance, value, and potential of the company’s IT assets. You gain clarity on your current situation, blind spots and gaps. Our reports include findings as well as credible, actionable advice to enhance performance of your systems, people or business and better understand your cyber and business technology risks.

The assessment includes analysis of your technology organization, enterprise applications, business processes, IT infrastructure, business technology Governance, IT security, IT budget, and disaster recovery plans.

The VIE business transition due diligence technology assessment provides an objective look at the technology and operations of any company involved in a business transition such as M&A, private equity, investment banking. This is a risk assessment activity that is frequently omitted in due diligence.

Assessing technology risks in addition to financial, product, market and other risks provides a better lens to measure the true condition and value of any potential transition. Our business transition technology assessment can be tailored to your needs.

The highest value, most confidential information and systems of every organization are at extreme risk from the threat of invasion and mismanagement. From Government sponsored activists attempting to disrupt critical national systems and steal personal information to problems caused by well-intentioned employees, no function of the business represents more risk to the CEO or more challenge to the CIO and IT staff.

Using standard frameworks such as NIST and ISO or specific ones applicable to your industry such as PCI-DSS or HIPAA, VIE will perform a comprehensive information security risk assessment for your company, provide insights into current practices and gaps, and provide actionable steps to move forward. Our executive consultants provide expert insight that drive the best guidance, decisions, recommendations, and actions available to make your business secure and successful.

Katherine Ellis

"VIE’s assessment confirmed that our new internally developed application product met the needed technical security requirements. This gave us great confidence in moving forward with the introduction of our product, knowing that security risks had been mitigated."

Audit and Compliance Officer


Revant Optics

“I am very pleased with the technology strategy that Marc developed and we're starting to execute that strategy. We think it will be a core part of our ability to succeed on our growth initiatives.”

 - Caleb Lorg, CFO

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Oregon Freeze Dry

"VIE helped me define the IT Strategy for the company which will help OFD stabilize IT infrastructure and achieve further efficiencies in manufacturing."

- Dale Bookwalter, VP of Finance

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