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Here at VIE, we work only with people who have proven themselves in the field of Information Technology and as strategic enablers of business success at the C-level. Our presentations are based on their direct experience.

The presentation lineup is constantly evolving. We invite you to learn more about our expert consultant presenters, presentations, and how you can leverage our experience.

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VIE Presentations and Speakers

Marc Hallquist VIE Consultant Presenter
Marc Hallquist VIE Consultant Presenter

Less than half of business leaders feel their technology teams are up to the challenge of increased performance requirements.

Most realize that Information Technology has huge potential, BUT it is still often managed as a back office function and an expense to be minimized - not something that adds true business value.

We will discuss the three levels of IT:

  • Utility function
  • Lever for productivity
  • Driver of profitability
We will recap the different skills, behaviors and organization required at each level. This is a call to action for IT leaders to take the journey necessary to succeed as a business transformation partner and as a business strategist.

Marc Hallquist VIE Consultant Presenter
Marc Hallquist VIE Consultant Presenter

At some point every firm is challenged to make the jump from one stage of growth to the next.

Years ago, manufacturing / distribution businesses might have successfully made their jump treating information technology as an afterthought. Not today. Today, you ignore IT at your peril.

In this talk, Marc will present proactive steps your company can take at each stage of growth to deploy IT as an enabler and accelerator of business growth.

Mike Scheuerman VIE Consultant Presenter
Mike Scheuerman VIE Consultant Presenter

Outsourcing Your Technology Infrastructure Management.

Technology infrastructure has become a commodity. Can you keep pace with the need for qualified staff? Procurement, configuration and management can all be outsourced and possibly managed more efficiently. This presentation explains the various functions of technology management, their alignment and true value add to business.

We discuss:

  • Which functions to outsource
  • The pitfalls of outsourcing
  • How to develop mutually beneficial relationships with technology vendors

Manoj Garg VIE Managing Partner & Presenter
Manoj Garg VIE Managing Partner & Presenter

Governing IT is not the same as Managing IT.

While Managing is the task of the IT leader, Governing is the responsibility of business executives. It is critical to understand and monitor investments in technology and to make sure that these investments are generating business value. Appropriate Governance can lead to far better business results.

We will discuss:

  • Five stages of IT Governance maturity
  • How to get started aligning technology to business needs
  • Assessing the true benefits of technology

Manoj Garg VIE Managing Partner & Presenter
Manoj Garg VIE Managing Partner & Presenter

Do you have a performance scorecard for technology in your business?

Everyone knows that technology is a critical function in business. It is important to invest in the right technologies, people and processes to realize the benefits. But how should we measure the true business value of technology in order to monitor and improve the technology function? In this presentation, we discuss the balanced scorecard idea.

With it, you can:

  • Rate how well technology is currently performing in your business
  • See where to improve it continuously for more business value
  • Improve decisions on future technology investments (that will continue to add business value)

Brandon Gatke VIE Managing Consultant Presenter
Brandon Gatke VIE Managing Consultant Presenter

Getting All the Benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IOT) is soon going to become very significant for business. Are you ready to take advantage of and manage this new technology? Do you understand the associated security risks and how to mitigate them? This presentation explains the fundamentals of the Internet of Things and how to benefit from it.

We discuss:

  • Opportunity and impact of the Internet of Things in various industries
  • Impact for IT leaders
  • Security issues and how to mitigate them

Presentation developed by Brandon Gatke and Travis Luckey.