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    Project Initiative Charter

    Stories in the press about IT project failures abound. The largest failures in IT occur as a result of projects that fail to deliver business value on time and on budget. To ensure the success of your projects from the beginning, use this project charter template to initiate your project.

    Strategic IT ROI Assessment

    Does technology play a strategic role in your business? Use this simple template to assess the strategic return on investment provided by your technology investments.

    The IT Value Calculator

    Do you know the business value that Information Technology is providing in your organization? Use this survey for executives to get a quick read of the value of IT in your business today.


    Measure the Value of IT

    Most people think of IT as a back office function. However, when done right, IT has the potential to drive business success. Read this guide to understand how to evaluate the use of IT in your company and how to leverage it better.

    Align IT With Your Business

    There are several decisions regarding IT that should not be delegated to the IT leader. These include which functions in the business should receive IT dollars and how much automation is necessary in the business. Read this guide to learn how to align your IT investments to your business goals.

    The Outsourcing Continuum

    Mike Scheuerman wrote the book on IT Outsourcing. Read this short e-book to determine where you are on the outsourcing continuum, how to proceed to the next step and how to get around pitfalls and do it right.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Successfully navigating the waters of mergers and acquisitions can be extremely challenging with many complexities and opportunities. We created this presentation to help your new enterprise become a fully functional, engaged, integrated and confident organization.