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Manufacturers need to drive value from IT at multiple levels: Foundational systems to provide scalable services and manage risk; Enterprise systems to support customer engagement, supply chain planning, manufacturing automation, business integration, and decision support; and Strategic systems driving new tech-enabled products, services, and competitive insights. VIE provides leadership to deliver value at ALL levels by helping our clients deploy the right people, processes, and tools.


Reser’s Fine Foods

"We are very, very happy with the clear, pragmatic, and understandable approach provided. This gives us a fresh start. We installed a process that will keep us nimble.”

- Paul Leavy, CFO

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Revant Optics

"I am very pleased with the technology strategy that Marc developed and we're starting to execute that strategy. We think it will be a core part of our ability to succeed on our growth initiatives."

- Calen Lorg, CFO

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