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Municipal, County, and State IT environments are equal in complexity to IT in large private companies. Internal IT supports infrastructure of many facilities across a geographic area. Agencies and Bureaus have IT needs for enterprise systems providing services to citizens. Community technology continues to grow rapidly with needs for Digital Equity and Smart Cities. Government organizations must be prepared to support their communities in times of crisis. VIE provides leadership and insights to help our clients strategically deploy the right people, processes, and tools to support all stages of growth.


Portland Water Bureau

"VIE was great to work with; they listened and were responsive. They understood our needs and made sure that our process was inclusive of all staff, ensuring that their product (RFI) clearly detailed our needs for the new EAMS."

- Susan Bailey, Water Administrative Manager

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Oregon Department of Revenue

"The VIE Taxpayer Self-Sufficiency security assessment has provided valuable insight into current best practices, industry standards and specific risk levels of our security approach."

- Cleve Bench, Chief Information Officer

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