• Practice Directors with C-suite experience and knowledgeable consultants

    Our Leadership

    Managing Partner
    Practice Director, Healthcare
    Practice Director,
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    Consultant and VIE Expert
    Practice Director, Manufacturing
    Practice Director, Cybersecurity
    Director of Operations

    Our Consultants

    Our consultants are selected by VIE in a manner consistent with the expectations of the senior leadership whom they will be serving. They generally have over twenty years of experience in building and leading businesses, IT, and Security organizations in small, medium and large enterprises. Failure is not an option given the stakes at play when we are engaged with a client. The opportunity to align IT and Security to the business is critical for the success of the business. Part of the VIE value is that all consultants have been CIO/CISOs in companies responsible for delivering IT value. Each CIO/CISO consultant working with a client has access to the entire bench strength of VIE at any time during the engagement. Technology is so diverse and rapidly changing. The ability for our engaged CIO/CISO consultant to reach back into VIE for additional specific real world expertise to benefit the client increases the opportunity for success by an order of magnitude.

    Leo Cuellar
    Tim Meier
    VIE Michael Northover
    Michael Northover
    Mark Wehrmeister
    Carole Whiteside
    Lloyd Lowry
    Gregg Wooden
    Ray Grant
    Jim Kindred
    Jim Wilcox

    Strategic Partners

    VIE strategic partners are experts in their field. You are assured of the most experienced and professional help available.

    Mark Paul : 503-895-7200, Synergy Consulting Group , Business Performance Consultants
    Bill Etheredge : 503-673-0293, WCE Consulting Group , Channel Strategist
    Lisa Magnuson : 503-753-5209, Top Line Sales, LLC , Strategic Sales
    John Boone : 971-300-3665, ProFocus Technology Professionals , Technology Services

    Working with VIE

    VIE is always looking for capable IT leaders who are interested in working with us in senior consulting roles with multiple clients. An ideal VIE consultant is someone who has worked in a senior business/IT role, is adaptable to a consulting role and is flexible in terms of assignments. If you are interested in working with VIE, please send a bio and a letter of interest to us at information@viellc.com