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A good read about turning your business technology into a strategic asset

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Challenge the Status Quo

The Edge is a book intended to help senior business executives understand how technology can be used to give them a competitive edge in an aggressive marketplace.  The book follows the trials and tribulations of a small business owner as he seeks to successfully grow his business.

The Edge challenges the status quo, encouraging a closer involvement and communication between various business departments while maximizing the effectiveness of technology investments. It is a swift, enjoyable read that can be easily shared with others to become a rallying tool, helping executives lead in new ways while building scalable, capable, nimble and profitable enterprises.

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About the Authors

Authors Manoj Garg and Mike Scheuerman are part of a team of CIO consultants at Virtual Information Executives. They have worked together on numerous projects and helped firms in various industries in understanding how IT can solve business problems that inevitably arise as companies grow, and how to harness technology’s power intelligently.

Manoj Garg

Manoj Garg is the Founder and Managing Partner of Virtual Information Executives, a consulting firm that specializes in helping clients achieve breakthrough business results through IT leadership. Manoj brings over thirty years of senior executive leadership skills and technology management experience with domestic and international operations to VIE’s clients. He has worked at executive levels in four industries: manufacturing, hi-tech, leisure and higher education.

Manoj’s Information Technology (IT) experience covers a broad array of skills, including Large Scale Technology Infrastructure Management, Outsourcing Management, Information Security Management, Program Management and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Manoj utilizes his deep technology and leadership skills to help his clients achieve dramatic results through timely business process improvement and automation. Manoj also works with his clients on strategies for technology-enabled market differentiation, customer satisfaction, creating new opportunities and driving business innovation through technology.  Manoj is an adjunct instructor at Portland State University and received the 2009 Most Valuable Angel Award given by Oregon Entrepreneur’s Network.


Mike Scheuerman

Mike Scheuerman is a CIO Consultant for Virtual Information Executives (VIE).  He brings over thirty-five years of senior executive leadership skills and technical expertise with domestic and international operations to VIE’s clients.

He has worked in multiple industries, including financial services, health care, high-tech manufacturing and higher education.  Mike’s Information Technology experience covers a broad array of skills, including Outsourcing Management Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure Management.

He is noted for creating strategic business and technology plans that drive significant growth while also focusing on cost containment.

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