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Meet your academic and business goals through the strategic use of technology

The recent COVID-19 related pandemic has focused the need for both K-12 and higher education to use technology to move into 21st century methods of education and prepare the workforce for the real-world economy. The strategic use of technology can greatly help improve student learning outcomes and reduce costs for business and operations processes. VIE offers great leadership and insights to assure the best possible outcomes through the strategic use and management of technology.


College of Marin

“VIE has created a complete cultural shift with the IT staff to a much more positive working atmosphere. IT staff feel engaged, supported, and part of a greater good.”

 - Jonathon Eldridge, VP of Student Affairs

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Clatsop Community College

“The VIE Project Manager proved to be an effective organizer and translator for the SeaNet project. Thank you for providing the big picture thinking on this project.”

- Lindi Overton, VP College Services

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