• Par3 Communications

    Par3 was acquired by Varolii Corporation.

    PAR3 is a provider of automated customer communications solutions and has been growing at a significant rate since it was founded in 1999. This explosive growth made it necessary to take a hard look at its current IT environment. The company wanted to enusre it was scaling its IT organziation cost-effectively and strategically directing IT investments to be in alignment with its business needs.

    IT, like in many organizations was in reactive mode, not being able to get ahead of the curve.VIE was engaged to perform an IT SnapShot and provide recommendations on how to best address these challenges.

    VIE consultants performed the IT assessment and provided a clearly documented list of recommendations on the IT organizational structure, staffing levels, role and responsibility of the Director of IT, first year objectives, IT governance methodology and applications management. Based on these recommendations, PAR3 is now equipped to achieve better business results through the use of Information Technology.