Walsh Trucking


“Overall, VIE brought a level of expertise that was not available to Walsh. VIE has brought a comfort level about using the best possible resources and solutions to resolve IT challenges.”

Doug Woodside


VIE CIO Consultants puts Walsh Trucking on the path to increased profits!

Operating continuously since 1959, Walsh Trucking is a leading provider of transportation services in the Pacific Northwest. They specialize in providing services to wood residual and solid waste customers. Walsh Trucking has seven terminals located throughout the Pacific Northwest.


A key challenge for Walsh is keeping track of and efficient use of its key assets – Trucks. Walsh engaged VIE to perform an assessment of its ERP system – Classic and then provide an Interim CIO to help solve critical business and technology issues.

Critical Issues

The ERP system had been in place for many years and did not offer key features needed. Dispatchers had to enter scheduling information in multiple screens creating delays and bottlenecks in their work process. Asset location information was not easily available leading to large inefficiencies in asset utilization. Other key information regarding driver hours was not being provided from the ERP system to the HR/payroll system causing payroll and expense tracking challenges.


Two VIE CIO consultants performed the ERP assessment and system selection. VIE worked with the ERP system vendor to implement enhancements to solve the critical issues.


The multiple screen data entry problem was solved quickly leading to better communication between dispatchers and drivers. The Telecom upgrade project was completed leading to lower costs and a much more robust and secure network. The asset location information dashboard allows management and dispatchers to make much more efficient use of truck assets.