SmartCo Services


“Ron came in at a time that was hectic, and he created a positive, creative, professional, collaborative environment. Ron’s calming leadership style has been exactly what we needed when we didn’t fully understand what we needed.”

Tom Wagner


SmartCo Services (SCS) has provided parts inventory management and parts ordering software to over 4000 automobile and truck dealerships. SCS are leaders in their industry with over 10 auto and truck manufacturer partnerships with offices in Florida and Massachusetts. SCS has been privately owned since 2005.


SCS’ flagship product, PartsEye, underwent a major technology refresh and front end rewrite taking two years to develop. It was nearly complete when the CTO suddenly left SCS. An immediate need arose for an Interim CTO to lead the Engineering team, who faced many challenges, to complete a quality product and successfully deploy it to clients.

Critical Issues

Need for additional development on a late release.
Need for improved Engineering Division leadership.
Need for improved alignment with other Divisions.
Need for improved Engineering team morale.
Need for improved practices, procedures, and policies.
Need for coordinated client release plan.


Ron, as Interim CTO, restructured Engineering improving staff to better align resources to business needs; eliminated silos with an inclusive approach, enabling company-wide communication, resulting in a functional organization; addressed the highest priority issues with a calm, intuitive, logical style, resulting in an efficient and effective organization serving its internal and external customers.


The new PartsEye product has been successfully deployed to two-thirds of all clients with very satisfied dealership and manufacturer clients. Engineering motivation and teamwork as well as collaboration with Operations is much improved.