Revant Optics


“I am very pleased with the technology strategy that Marc developed and we’re starting to execute that strategy. We think it will be a core part of our ability to succeed on our growth initiatives.”

Caleb Lorg


Revant Optics is a fast-growing business offering premium replacement lenses and performance sunglasses manufactured in the USA.


As a young and growing business, Revant faced many challenges including availability and quality of information for decision making, integration of information across platforms, and understanding how to develop and grow the IT function over time. Since Revant did not have a lot of strategic technical expertise within the leadership team they sought assistance from VIE.

Critical Issues

Revant’s growth plans include the need to scale their business, establish new retail channels, and add new products and services. They seek to support their business with strong data and analytics capabilities and protect it by proactively managing risk. Delivering on these objectives requires re-positioning technology architecture appropriately, including changes in e-commerce, technical integration capabilities, data management, and business intelligence.


Revant worked with Marc Hallquist, first to assess current state and immediate actions required, then to create a 3- to 5-year Technology Strategy, then in a CIO Advisory capacity to help execute needed changes. Marc spent time with all the relevant people at the company to really understand the business, what current state looks like, and where Revant wants to go in the future.


Revant now has a roadmap to position their technology for long-term growth. With VIE’s guidance, they took steps to ensure they have the right sourcing, skills, capacity, and leadership in their Systems function.