Providence St. Patrick Hospital


VIE Assessment puts St Patrick Hospital on the path to IT transformation!

Providence Saint Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center engaged VIE to perform an Information Technology assessment and then provide assistance in developing a set of goals to help solve critical issues. VIE recommendations created the foundation for IT success at St Patrick Hospital.


St Patrick Hospital faced several challenges in its IT organization. IT was not meeting the needs of the hospital staff. There was no functional governance model in place to set priorities for technology projects. Multiple applications were installed throughout the hospital without regard to their integration. The ability of IT to support those applications was compromised due to lack of prioritization.

Critical Issues

Very “siloed” organization – business and clinical goals were not effectively aligned and didn’t incorporate all functions. IT was not viewed as a strategic part of the organization. Decisions regarding IT initiatives did not follow a standard governance process. No ownership of applications outside of IT. A newly installed CEO wanted to make the hospital premier tertiary care for Western Montana. Data integration issues impacted effective patient care and fundamental processes throughout the hospital.


VIE was engaged to provide an IT assessment and provide recommendations for meeting the goals of the hospital. Two CIO consultants performed the IT assessment. A CIO consultant also facilitated a strategic planning session for all related parties both internal and external to the hospital.


The IT assessment had an immediate and positive impact by pointing out those areas where IT Governance could help clear the logjam of projects. The strategic planning process was given a significant boost through the facilitation provided by VIE. Clearer objectives and goals for IT were established.