Portland Water Bureau


“VIE was great to work with; they listened and were responsive. They understood our needs and made sure that our process was inclusive of all staff, ensuring that their product (RFI) clearly detailed our needs for the new EAMS.”

Susan Bailey

Water Administrative Manager

The City of Portland Water Bureau has delivered drinking water from the forest to more than 952,200 customers’ faucets since 1895. PWB’s retail and wholesale service area are approximately 225 square miles. The bureau has over $8 billion in system assets, a proposed annual budget of $212 million, and employees over 600 people.


The bureau needs to replace an aging computerized maintenance management system, that has been used primarily to manage the maintenance work on the water system assets for about 20 years. It needs to be replaced by a new Enterprise Asset Management System, allowing the Bureau to enhance their ability to manage assets effectively.

Critical Issues

PWB and the current system:

  • Lack functionality and business processes in asset, maintenance, inventory, and work order management
  • Have limited adoption of the current system
  • Have undocumented business processes
  • Lack good business requirements for a new EAMS


PWB worked with Ron Pettit and Manoj Garg to define business requirements for a new EAMS. Ron and Manoj interviewed executives, key stakeholders, and 30 to 40 Water personnel to assess the current state, needs, and business processes. Working with PWB management, we authored a Request for Information (RFI) and documented existing business processes.


Approximately one dozen vendors responded to PWB’s RFI. PWB has selected and contracted with a Tier 1 EAMS vendor and the implementation phase of the project has begun.