Oregon Tilth


“We are so grateful that we found VIE. The breadth and depth of their IT assessment far exceeded our expectations. Their insights and recommendations are so helpful.”

Leonard Freeman

Managing Director

Oregon Tilth (OT) offers organic certification services to farms and other food industry clients. OT is a non-profit founded in the 1970’s with headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon, and with 100 employees working remotely. OT has a few thousand clients throughout the US and several additional countries.


OT has experienced substantial growth in the past few years resulting in some business and IT related challenges. OT has three people in IT who are stretched in their roles and struggle to keep up with the IT demands of the business.

Critical Issues

  • Lack of IT resources
  • Lack of governance processes
  • IT operational expenses are too high
  • IT has ability to think strategically, but lacks bandwidth to act on strategic thoughts
  • Multitude of issues with most important business system


Two VIE CIO consultants performed an IT assessment for OT articulating findings, gaps, and recommendations in a dozen key areas including IT Organizational Structure and Capabilities, IT Technology Infrastructure, Enterprise Business Applications, IT Budget & Expenses, and IT Security.


OT leadership was educated about the state of IT which clarified where they needed to focus their attention and activities. VIE took something extremely complex and broke it down into simple pieces using business language, not IT-speak. OT now has a good understanding of their next steps to improve their IT department and its service to the business.