Oregon Freeze Dry


“VIE helped me define the IT Strategy for the company which will help OFD stabilize IT infrastructure and achieve further efficiencies in manufacturing.”

Dale Bookwalter

VP of Finance

Over the last 50 years, OFD has been very successful in producing several lines of food products including Mountain House backpacking foods, industrial food products, private brand products and other special products. The company has been growing steadily over the last several years.


OFD was not getting what it needed from their IT organization. Management was questioning IT capabilities including people capabilities and project management. They needed an outside perspective in assessing their IT capabilities.

Critical Issues

Delays in completing IT projects were causing frustration around the company. IT infrastructure was performing poorly leading to business users not being able to do their jobs. There were many opportunities for business optimization through IT that were not being pursued effectively.


VIE was engaged to provide an IT assessment followed by interim CIO services. Two CIO consultants performed the IT assessment. A CIO consultant filled in as the interim CIO and helped OFD run day to day IT operations and hire new IT resources including a new IT director.


Over the period of 18 months, VIE has assisted OFD with an IT assessment, an interim CIO, hiring an IT Director, CIO consulting services as well as a business process assessment. The result of these efforts has been a largely re-built IT department of 6 people. A cross departmental business system users team has been created to implement the executive vision for transformation. In the future this team will work together to identify key company process issues, identiify solutions and implement improvements in the ERP system to support business growth.