Genesis Financial Solutions


“I strongly endorse the value that VIE provided and would not hesitate to re-engage their services. They bring a diverse IT background together with a professional and productive attitude about the service they provide.”

Nate Oliver


VIE CIO Consultant puts Genesis Financial Solutions on the path to much improved IT services!

Genesis Financial Solutions provides clients in the retail, healthcare or private education markets with various financial solutions for their consumers with less than perfect credit.


Genesis Financial Solutions faced several business challenges as a result of lacking IT infrastructure. There had been unscheduled downtime for critical customer systems leading to dissatisfaction.

Critical Issues

The GFS infrastructure was hosted in a room onsite at the office location in Beaverton. This room had challenges with both power and HVAC capacity. There was no generator backup solution available and the power supply from the local power grid was not reliable and had failed several times in the past year.


A VIE consultant started with an assessment of the IT infrastructure. Using knowledge of several capable commercial data centers in Portland, a few leading vendors were engaged in a dialog about their offerings. VIE led the project for the selection of the appropriate data center, the negotiation of the contract and the implementation of the migration of all IT services to Viawest.


The migration of the data center to Viawest had a dramatic impact on the reliability and uptime of GFS services. The critical infrastructure issues have been resolved leading to a welcome increase in systems availability and customer satisfaction.