Aronson Security Group


Aronson Security Group provides independent advisory and integration services for enterprise security solutions to its clients throughout the United States. ASG works with clients in its core vertical markets of state and local government, healthcare, manufacturing, critical infrastructure, transportation and education as well as with business offices and campuses on a regional, national and global level.


ASG has been growing fast over the last few years. As a result their IT resources have been stretched and strained. ASG needed advice on how to scale up effectively to support business needs

Critical Issues

A key IT resource was severely constrained as he was the only person with the knowledge to perform many IT tasks. Another key issue had to do with the internally developed ERP system which needed increasing care and feeding including demand for many new features. A decision had to be made about continuing to work with it or implementing an off the shelf product. Additionally security needed to be improved and more of the right resources were needed in IT to support continued business growth.


VIE was engaged to provide an IT assessment as well as provide technology evaluation services. Two CIO consultants performed the IT assessment and provided advice on how to improve IT.


VIE recommended that ASG hire an IT Director to oversee the IT organization and to focus on IT improvements. With VIE’s help ASG hired an IT Director. Additionally, VIE recommended the implementation of IT governance to deal with the backlog of IT requests. This process is currently in implementation. On completion, ASG will have a much better idea of the business/IT initiatives that will add the most value to the business. The technology evaluation services helped ASG in the implementation of the right technologies for their business.