• Security

    The experienced help you need to have the best protection possible.

    Your organization’s most confidential information and systems are at extreme risk from the threat of invasion and mismanagement. From Internet predators attempting to disrupt, steal and destroy data to problems caused by the programs and private devices of well-intended employees, no function of the business represents more risk to the CEO, or more challenge to the CIO and IT staff.

    It is virtually impossible for companies without a full-time chief information security officer (CISO) and staff, to maintain adequate protection.


    VIE’s Security Services

    You will have access to a team of business executives who understand your business, the strategic and critical role IT plays, the risk the entire business is exposed to and solutions that protect the business while ensuring optimum leveraging of the IT systems.

    Virtual Information Executives can help you have the best protection possible.

    • CISO Services: Interim, Part-time, Ongoing Support
    • Advisory and/or Coaching to Corporate Executives, CIO and CISO
    • Risk Assessment and Management
    • Security Architecture and Governance
    • Program, Systems and Practices Development
    • Training
    • Disaster Recovery

    The VIE security team can step into any environment to assess the needs and opportunities, securing your business now and into the future. Covering everything from threat and system assessment, to design and upgrade, development of corporate practices and protocol, to management of people and programs, VIE provides the expertise, the team and the implementation.

    Security is Spelled CISO

    Just as CEOs compound their value with advisory boards, other C-levels can do so with a business savvy Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). VIE’s consultants offer a deep well of expertise. VIE mentors and assists key Directors and Managers, helping to reduce risks related to key security and privacy initiatives.

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