• IT Snapshot

    The assessment you need to transform your IT operations into a strategic value-added part of the organization.

    Does IT in your business feel like an asset, or a burden? Are projects completed on-time, on-budget and do they meet your expectations? Is the Business Technology you have in place optimizing the performance of your employees, your business and the return on your investment?

    Would you like to know?

    Seldom, if ever, can your staff give you a clear, objective picture of exactly how effective your IT department is performing. Only an outside perspective by experienced executives who know your industry, your business and what IT can do to optimize performance can provide this assessment.


    VIE’s IT SnapShot℠

    The VIE IT SnapShot℠ provides your senior management with keen insight into the competency and performance of the company’s IT organization. Our reports include discoveries as well as recommended changes that would enhance performance of your systems, people or business.

    This is a comprehensive review of your entire IT environment, current capabilities and limitations, how it is operating in your business, and how well it is aligned with and delivering the outcomes necessary to meet your business goals, objectives and opportunities.

    Components of the VIE IT snapshot (that can also be performed individually) are as follows:

    • ISO/IEC 20000 (ITIL) Compliance
    • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
    • Business Process
    • Governance
    • Security/Risk
    • Outsourcing Practices
    • Return on Investment

    The Value of an IT SnapShot

    Reclaim an understanding of how and why your IT organization works the way it does. Implement the recommendations of the VIE IT SnapShot℠. Your business can be transformed making IT a strategic value-added part of the organization.
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