• IT Due Diligence

    Get a clear picture of the technology effectiveness of a potential acquisition including a clear path forward after the transaction.

    When acquiring or merging with another company, the state and performance of that company’s IT plays a major role in the success and failure of the transaction as well as the opportunity and value in the business. By examining the organization’s IT strategy, systems, processes and staff as well as past and current projects, technology strengths and weaknesses and overall IT effectiveness, VIE IT Due Diligence Services helps investors get a clear picture of their potential acquisition.


    VIE IT Due Diligence Services
    • Do the IT systems align with and support the strategy and objectives of the business
    • Is the staff effective, will they align with our culture, do they add value to the business
    • Are the systems and practices current and optimized
    • What infrastructure, systems and applications are in place , how effective are they
    • How does this IT integrate with our current systems
    • What current and future projects are in process, what will be their outcome
    • Is all software in license compliance, do practices meet ITIL standards
    • How secure are the IT systems and the business

    We quickly and accurately research and assess the status of the entire IT environment and identify strengths and weaknesses that would go unnoticed by traditional due diligence processes and consultants.


    Calibrate Your Acquisition Strategy

    The VIE IT Due Diligence service will help you have the clearest, most accurate understanding of your potential acquisition, for an informed, value based purchase decision. It will also provide a clear path forward after the transaction to address issues of concern, leverage system or human opportunities, save time, money and confusion during integration, and maximize the value of the investment.

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