• Marc Hallquist – Manufacturing Practice Director and VIE Expert

    Marc Hallquist is the Practice Director of the Manufacturing Practice and CIO consultant for Virtual Information Executives (VIE). Marc provides clients with strategic advice as well as practical operational expertise in IT strategy, business integration, program management, IT governance, and solutions development & implementation.

    His career of over 25 years includes senior management roles in Manufacturing and Distribution companies as well as a solid foundation in “Big 4” consulting, blending best practices with a real-world understanding of the challenges and opportunities of enterprise IT.

    Marc specializes in IT- enabled business transformation. Manufacturers are challenged every day to do more with less while innovating to compete in today’s market. Marc and VIE bring a proven approach to leverage IT in a way that enables your company to scale while fostering innovation.  Marc graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering – Manufacturing. He serves as a board member and Programs Director for the Society of Information Management.

    Gain an Edge with Expert Training

    Ascending the IT Pyramid

    Less than half of business leaders feel their technology teams are up to the challenge of increased performance requirements.

    Most realize that Information Technology has huge potential, BUT it is still often managed as a back office function and an expense to be minimized – not something that adds true business value.

    We will discuss the three levels of IT:

    • Utility function
    • Lever for productivity
    • Driver of profitability
    We will recap the different skills, behaviors and organization required at each level.  This is a call to action for IT leaders to take the journey necessary to succeed as a business transformation partner and as a business strategist.

    Don't Get Caught Treating IT as an Afterthought

    At some point every firm is challenged to make the jump from one stage of growth to the next.

    Years ago, manufacturing / distribution businesses might have successfully made their jump treating information technology as an afterthought.

    Not today.

    Today, you ignore IT at your peril.

    In this talk, Marc will present proactive steps your company can take at each stage of growth to deploy IT as an enabler and accelerator of business growth.

    Resources with Powerful Results

    Project Initiative Charter
    Stories in the press about IT project failures abound. The largest failures in IT occur as a result of projects that fail to deliver business value on time and on budget. To ensure the success of your projects from the beginning, use this project charter template to initiate your project.


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