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    For better business answers when your organization’s business technology is treated like a step child.

    Consultants:Mike Scheuerman, Manoj Garg, Paul Irvine


    Business Challenges

    Being technology focused, the technology sector has more skills in technology. This does not always translate to better IT capability or infrastructure as IT tends to be second fiddle at these organizations. At VIE, we understand the reality of the business challenges that the Technology sector faces:

    • Keeping up with needed pace of innovation
    • Time to market is a critical issue
    • Information security of solutions
    • Critical shortage of technical talent
    • Product management and development challenges
    • High level of customer satisfaction

    The need to leverage technology to deliver technology solutions has never been greater.

    IT Challenges

    • Scalable hosting of technology products
    • IT systems to automate key business processes
    • Customized delivery of products and services to individual customers
    • IT tends to be a much lower priority for technology resources compared to the need to get technical products delivered to customers

    Our services and Solutions

    We assist executives with IT assessments, strategic planning and an understanding of technology options. We understand the budget cycle and negotiate vendor contracts and explore opportunities for reducing costs by consolidating and outsourcing non-critical services.

    We offer the following core services for Technology sector:

    • Interim part-time CTO services
    • Agile development techniques and coaching
    • Mentoring IT Directors and managers
    • IT applications assessment, planning and implementation
    • Optimizing IT skills and service processes
    • Cloud based hosting solution design and implementation

    Each of our consultants bring nearly three decades of proven experience working with executive teams and IT staff to create practical solutions for Technology institutions. Our goal is to make your organization successful through the strategic use of technology.

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