This blog includes our thoughts about best practices in the strategic management of IT in any organization. Writers are VIE consultants who have been acting in the CIO role for over 25 years and share their best practices.


Is IT Providing Value in Your Business?

What level of value is Information Technology (IT) providing your business? Mid-sized businesses typically have annual revenues between $10 million and $200 million. Often, leaders of these type […]

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VIE IT Systems Initiatives Value Graph

Focus on WHY to Drive Value from IT Systems Initiatives

As a business executive, if you feel you’re not receiving value from your company’s investments in IT, you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll lay out practical actions […]

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Why an IT Strategic Plan Matters and How to Create Yours

A true IT strategic plan should integrate technology into the fabric of the organization’s strategic plan, maximizing the value of investments in hardware, software, support, and training.  Comprised […]

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VIE IT Snapshot

The Value of a VIE IT Snapshot

The Value of a VIE IT Snapshot℠ How effective is IT in your company?  The VIE IT Snapshot℠ answers this key question for enterprises of all types. Understanding […]

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Is Your IT Making You Money?

Do you view IT as a burden rather than an asset, an expense rather than an investment, a curse rather than a blessing and not something that actually makes you money?

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Strategic IT: Optimizing Decision-making, Execution and Profitability

Do you think of information technology as the tool to optimize the decision-making and execution that produces higher levels of productivity, innovation, customer loyalty, employee motivation and profit in your business? Strategic IT is just that.

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Providing Maximum Value to Clients

This post is on a topic of how a management consultant can provide maximum value by becoming a trusted advisor. I have always felt that there is a continuum that exists for management consulting services with a defined product on one end and a highly trusted advisor on the other.

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