Who We Are

VIE are C-suite management consultants who serve as interim or fractional technology leaders to help our clients improve organizational performance and operational efficiency.

VIE is a group of C-level executives, all with at least 25 years of management experience and at least 15 years in these roles.

VIE enjoys a unique market position for several reasons:

  • Each consultant has a minimum of 25 years practical experience with business and IT
  • Our consultants have led technology organizations very successfully
  • We are not tied to software or hardware vendors. We always wear the hat of our client
  • We draw on the unique experiences and talents of each other to provide the best solutions for our clients

C-suite experience to bridge your technology value gap.

Practice Directors with C-suite experience and knowledgeable consultants

Why Choose VIE?

VIE delivers business technology leaders to your executive team. We participate in whatever role works best, including interim or fractional contributors. We bring deep expertise in technology and business process planning across a range of disciplines. Our focus is 100% on our clients’ success.

We have been working since 2005 to help over 100 clients. VIE clients range from government, education, non-profit, healthcare and charitable organizations to financial services companies to large multi-national manufacturing and logistics companies. Clients have had needs ranging from interim IT leadership, IT assessments, IT strategy and roadmap development, enterprise application leadership, interim CIO services, and project-rescue leadership.

Our Core Values

These are the values we care deeply about and will model our behaviors on as we work to fulfill our organization’s mission and vision.

Client First Attitude

We will always put the needs of our clients first. We always take the long-term view of the relationship with the client.


We care deeply about the people we work with. We will be fair in our relationships with our associates, contractors, and partners. We will treat people’s time respectfully by being courteous, punctual, and attentive.

Open & Honest Communication

We will communicate openly and honestly with each other in order to create a trust-based environment. We will encourage openness and candor, and we will recognize the value of diverse opinions. We will openly discuss and debate ideas while respecting others’ perspectives, competence, and expertise.

Integrity & Trust

We understand that trust is critical in our business and is earned by acting with honesty and integrity based on the highest ethical values. We will not compromise the truth or what is the right thing to do. We will work hard to create trusting relationships with our clients, associates, contractors, and partners.


We embrace the VIE vision and inspire others to do the same. We will serve as leaders with our clients and recognize humility as one of the key tenants of leadership.