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    Bridging the Technology Value Gap

    We provide business technology leadership to help clients meet their strategic objectives

    Technology Value Gap

    21st Century businesses realize every business-critical function relies on the strategic use of technology. Yet most have been slow to adjust Systems and IT to keep pace. When information systems are out of phase with strategic objectives, we call this the “technology value gap”.

    The technology value gap appears in many symptoms and forms:

    • Falling behind in industry leadership / Missing market opportunities
    • Runaway software and project costs
    • Unprepared to address compliance, security, and disaster related risk
    • Business critical information managed off-systems in spreadsheets
    • Technology team is out-of-step with the rest of the organization

    We lead your team to adopt better methods for Systems that create transparency and better outcomes – bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

    About VIE

    VIE are C-suite management consultants with deep business and technology expertise to help our clients meet strategic objectives by bridging the technology value gap.

    25+ Years

    Each VIE consultant has 25 or more years of practical business and IT experience with 15+ years in executive management roles.

    100+ Helped

    VIE has helped over 100 clients since 2005

    Our Services

    CIO Services
    Fractional or Interim technology leadership

    Technology Assessments
    Get an expert, outside opinion

    Strategic Technology Planning
    Get clarity to position your business for success

    Project or Program Leadership
    Get help to execute your initiatives

    Executive Training and Development
    Develop your technology leaders

    Our Clients

    We have over 100 satisfied clients in 10 plus industries. Here is sample of our clients and how we helped them