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    Experience that can help you optimize your operations.

    Consultants:Mike Scheuerman, Manoj Garg, and Carole Whiteside


    Business Challenges

    • Optimizing the supply chain
    • Reducing cost of manufactured products while maintaining quality,
    • Inventory reduction and optimization
    • Reduction of product life cycle times
    • Optimal logistics and distribution of products to channels and customers.
    • Closely coupling the manufacturing process to market needs
    • Reducing any negative impact to the environment

    All of these can be aided with the strategic use of IT.

    IT Challenges

    • Historical under investment in technology
    • Lack of executive knowledge of  how to leverage technology
    • Lack of IT skills
    • Lack of optimized IT systems that truly enable the business
    • Lack of good decision making tools

    Our Services and Solutions

    We leverage years of experience with Manufacturing organizations to help you assess your challenges and opportunities. We can help you have the right technology, workflow, and people in place to optimize your processes and position for adapting to market and regulatory demands.

    We assist executives with IT assessments, strategic planning and an understanding of technology options. We understand the budget cycle and negotiate vendor contracts and explore opportunities for reducing costs by consolidating and outsourcing non-critical services.

    We offer the following core services for our Manufacturing Clients:

    • IT Assessment
    • Strategic and tactical planning
    • Project planning and management
    • Mentoring CIOs and managers
    • IT applications assessment, planning and implementation
    • Optimizing skills and service processes
    • Interim CIO assignments

    Our consultants bring nearly three decades of proven experience working with executive teams and IT staff to create practical solutions for manufacturing. Our goal is to make your organization successful.

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