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    You can get the right People, Processes and Technology in place to meet and exceed your institution’s goals.

    Consultants:Jackie Barretta, Manoj Garg, Ray Grant


    Academic and Business Challenges

    At VIE, we understand the reality of academic and business challenges that Colleges and Universities face:

    • Delivering top notch education programs with the highest quality faculty
    • Attracting and retaining more students and improving their outcomes
    • Assuring adequate funding through tuition options, contact with alumni, and funds for research
    • Streamlining complex business processes to satisfy students and faculty and reduce costs
    • Keeping technology-savvy students satisfied

    All of these can be greatly aided with the strategic application of Information Technology to provide information to support decisions and to differentiate and build the institution’s brand.

    IT Organization Challenges

    • Developing an IT staffing model to facilitate agility and alignment with the institution
    • Providing quality services with reduced funding
    • Developing an agile enterprise IT architecture to support learning, academic analytics and optimized processes
    • Addressing access demand and the wireless and device explosion
    • Staying conversant in technical innovations that can improve teaching and learning
    • Implementing risk management and security practices to protect institutional resources

    Our Services and Solutions

    We rely on years of experience at a variety of schools using our standard methodology that has proven to work at your peer institutions. We can help you get the right technology, processes, and people in place to meet and exceed your institution’s goals.

    We offer the following core services for Higher Education:

    Our consultants each bring nearly three decades of proven experience working with executive teams and academic and administrative staff to create practical and real world solutions for large and small schools alike. Our goal is to make your organization successful.

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